Sheet clips, Falun, Rock

l: 80 cm, w: 2.5 cm


For a smooth and tight sheet, use this set of 4 sheet clips called Falun. byNORD has designed them in a grey colour and made them adjustable to fit the size of your bed. Sometimes we toss and turn in bed, but with these sheet clips, the sheet does not slide off the mattress or end up in one corner of the bed. Use the clips at the corners of the mattress or place them across the mattress. The result is a comfortable bed that always looks freshly made. One of those small details that add to the sense of subtle luxury you want in your bedroom.


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Polyester , Elastane

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221.00 DKK / 315.00 SEK / 369.00 NOK / 30.00 EUR / 27.00 GBP

Washing instructions

Spot clean only

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